Speaking Engagements & Events

Graham is frequently asked by corporate event organisers & visiting photography enthusiasts to share his knowledge & expertise.


So whether it's to arrange an experiential based event for visitors looking for something more than just a traditional holiday in Scotland or a group of like minded individuals seeking insight from a professional landscape photographer, you can reach out to Graham using the usual channels: info@ghgraham.com or by phone at: +44(0)7494-782-295.

Common Subjects Requested Include:

  • Basics of Camera Control: Aperture Shutter & ISO
  • Shooting Modes: Auto, Manual, Program, Bulb etc
  • Lens Choice
  • Filters
  • Sensor Types
  • Choosing Subject Matter
  • Planning & Research
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Colour Balance
  • Colour vs B&W
  • Image Processing & Development
  • Printing
  • Framing & Presentation
  • Developing Your Own Look/Style
  • Commercial Considerations
  • How & Where To Sell Artwork


For those groups/organisations looking to invite Graham to speak, a nominal fee is usually required to cover his time & travel expenses, dependent entirely of course on distance & duration of the engagement. He is forever mindful of the budget limitations of small clubs & will always work with them to reach an amicable arrangement.

To maintain optimum engagement, group events are usually limited to a maximum of 8 people. Prices are determined upon inquiry & are reflected by the size of the group & the duration of the event.