Graham lives at the famous 16th century Mercat Cross in the Royal Burgh of Culross.
Educated in Glasgow with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, he spent much of his career in North America turning around distressed companies & corporations on behalf of private equity groups.
After appearing in front of the US Senate as an expert witness to a fatal industrial disaster, he became intolerant of having to check under his car for incendiary devices before driving to work, so he chose to return to Scotland in early 2009.
Inspired by Scotland's ancient heritage & stunning landscape, he now creates archival grade, silver halide photographic prints; images produced by exposing light sensitive papers & chemically developing them in a darkroom/lab.
He owns & operates a gallery featuring much of his work inside a 17th century tax & excise office in The Town House in Culross, Fife.
He vaguely remembers winning some awards years ago & had images published on the front covers of magazines & newspapers but after 3 years drooling like a village idiot caused by a Lyme Borrelia infection, he can't remember much between 2013 & late 2016. 
Barely able to wipe his own arse, he was wheel-chaired into a clinic in Washington DC & was promptly proscribed a course of 42 pills/day. This delicious, gut distending diet, saved his life & he's since made more or less, a full recovery.
He has since ditched the pill box, composted the sympathy cards (thank you), bought some fresh underpants & is back on his feet. Both of them! Which means even more evocative images of Scotland accompanied with an endless supply of smart-ass comments, laissez-faire attitude & Glaswegian wit.
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Rowan Tree
Go on. Make a scene!
Email: info@ghgraham.com              Phone:  +44 (0)7494-782-295
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Graham Harris Graham - Fine Art Photography

The Town House


Royal Burgh of Culross, Kingdom of Fife

KY12 8JG


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Rowan Tree, Glencoe