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Capture Stunning Nightscape Images



Learn how to photograph the night sky including the milky way, the moon & colourful nebulae using standard camera bodies & lenses. 

What's included?

  • Join us at our gallery at the famous Town House in the medieval village of Culross, Fife to learn how to capture fabulous, night sky images

  • We initially meet indoors to learn the fundamentals of night sky photography

  • We show you how to access "free to download" software to help navigate & identify easy to photograph night sky objects

  • You will help assemble, set up & prepare a complete night sky rig for night sky imaging

  • We then proceed outside & set up the rig & show you how to level it & align to the north celestial pole (Polaris)

  • You'll be able to mount & use your own camera & practice at taking images of the night sky

  • Back indoors, we'll teach you how to organise your images, stack them using free software & complete the evening by editing them

What do you need to bring?

  • Warm, waterproof cloths including a hat & gloves

  • Sturdy shoes/boots

  • Camera with memory card & a battery

  • Wide angle & telephoto lens or a zoom lens

  • Intervalometer (not strictly necessary) but useful for very long exposures

  • Tripod

  • Headtorch (although we won't be in true dark sky territory so a nice option to have but any small, handheld torch would work)

  • Laptop & power adapter if you want to practice your own image editing

Lagangarbh Milky Way

What's not included?

  • The Town House is a mostly original building from 1626. Thus, it has no running water or toilet facilities. While there is a public toilet about a 2 minute walk, we cannot guarantee it will be available after dark. 

  • Refreshments: your welcome to bring your own hot/cold drinks & snacks. Since we have no services other than internet, heat & light, we have no capacity to serve hot or cold drinks.


Are there any restrictions?

  • There are no age restrictions as long as minors are accompanied by a responsible adult

  • There is very little walking involved so there are no fitness requirements other than the ability to climb a short, single flight of steps in/out of the building. We're happy to help those with walking difficulties

  • Class sizes are limited to a maximum of six people to enable everyone to have full engagement

  • There are two large car parks a few minutes walk from the Town House. There is no charge or time limit. You can off load equipment/people at the building entrance & then park if necessary.


  • Use our contact page or email us at:

  • Prefer to speak with us in person? Call us on +44 (0)7494-785-295

  • We may not pick up immediately so please leave a message & we'll respond as soon as we can

Moon & Saturn
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